Trolling tackle for trout, kokanee, salmon, macs & stripers
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True Blue Trolling Tackle - trolling equipment for trout, kokanee & salmon

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     To a fisherman there are perhaps no more exciting words to hear than FishOn! and no more exciting vision to see than your trolling rod surging toward the deep blue under the weight of a heavy fish.  Your ultimate success however, now depends on the equipment you have chosen ... equipment that will not only attract that trophy ... but will reliably perform the task before it.  The mission of True Blue Trolling Tackle is to provide you with equipment that has been tested and proven by dedicated expert fishermen.  Our products are ..."By fishermen ... For fishermen!"
     Fred and Leilani Thomas, owners, are life-long fishing enthusiasts and have fished nationwide from the Atlantic to the Pacific, the Great Lakes and Canada.  Local lakes, like Strawberry, Starvation, Deer Creek, Flaming Gorge and Lake Powell are their more frequent destinations and they are normally well informed on local conditions there.  Since retirement, fishing in True Blue, their 21' Trophy Pro, has become their primary "occupation".  After literally thousands of hours trolling in pursuit of kokanee, trout, macs, stripers and walleye, they have learned what works best and what doesn't.  Their new company, True Blue Trolling Tackle is starting out small, but will continue to add proven fresh and salt water trolling products for you in the future.  Good fishing and please come back often.  Thank you for visiting our store.
















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